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YMMV / When Calls the Heart

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  • Ho Yay: Jack and Charlie, at times.
  • Narm: A lot of the fighting scenes can count.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The fact that 42 Hope Valley men died in the mines in an explosion due to poor ventilation. Most of the women in town lost their husbands and sons, and of the few that did survive, one became an alcoholic and another became an amputee. Worse of all, things like this often happened in real life during that time period.
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  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Lori Loughlin’s arrest as part of Operation Varsity Blues looks especially bad for being so at odds with the show’s wholesome Christian values. In fact, the network formally cut all ties with Loughlin and wrote out her character altogether.
  • Tear Jerker: At least the first half of season one counts. The first episode tells the story of the miners that died and how the still grieving residents are all fighting over a plank with a message from somebody that died left behind, wanting to claim it as their own. Episode three has Elizabeth struggling to connect to a student who went mute after the explosion and trying to track her down after she runs away, how all the female residents come together to work in the mines to save their homes...the list goes on and on.
  • What the Hell, Costuming Department?: A lot of the costumes are very obviously modern, off-the-rack clothing. The costume designer has said Hallmark wants the series to be somewhat visually in line with their other media (especially regarding color palette), and it doesn't break their budget trying to continuously come up with new clothes for a decent-sized cast. The costume staff modify a lot of it as best they can, but it can be very jarring to see an obviously anachronistic cut or fabric.

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