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YMMV / Warlock III: The End of Innocence

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  • Awesome Music: This installment in the Warlock trilogy is certainly not the best film ever, but it features some good music. "The End" by Lori Denae is notable.
  • Complete Monster: The Warlock, also known as Phillip Covington, has committed himself to satanic Black Magic, seeking to sacrifice a "special" child born on a blue moon and birth a race of evil to spread across the world. Attempting to do so to a young Kris in the early 1700s, the Warlock bides his time after her witch mother transported her to the future to protect her from him. Killing many people over the years, the Warlock eventually lures Kris and her friends to the mansion built atop the Warlock's catacombs. Slowly possessing and torturing Kris's friends, he forces them to abandon her one by one to end their own suffering, before finally attempting to sacrifice Kris herself to bring the End ever closer.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Particularly nice example of this is a scene where Kris is in front of a mirror, and turns around... her reflection doesn't, and starts silently screaming.
    • Really, the entire film is perhaps the most unsettling one of the trilogy. The claustrophobic setting and Bruce Payne's menacing performance really contribute to this. Nor is there a witch hunter coming to anybody's rescue this time, or even brief moments of levity like the Warlock nail-in-foot trick from the first.