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YMMV / Timelapse

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YMMV from the 1996 Adventure Game:

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This isn't the first time travel adventure game that involves Atlantis and a hostile time-travelling robot.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Guardian. Because he can teleport to any location, he often appears out of nowhere to mock you, and his insults become more threatening and disturbing as time goes on. In Atlantis, he'll actually try to attack you.
  • Narm: The acting from the various FMV characters is poor. Special mention goes to Professor Nichols at the end of the game when you get the option to release him from the time gate.
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  • That One Puzzle: In the Anasazi time zone, one of the hardest puzzles in the game is a crossbow where the player must fit an arrow with a certain flint head, and launch it through the hole of a distant rock pillar. Wind resistance has to be accounted for, making the target much easier to miss than one would think. Fortunately, a certain series of screen movements can solve the puzzle automatically.


YMMV from the 2014 Film:

  • Moral Event Horizon: Jasper is shifty and greedy for much of the film, but it's clear how far gone he is once he kills Dr Heidecker.
  • What an Idiot!: Jasper has a machine that can take a picture of 24 hours in the future.
    You'd Expect: Jasper becomes a day trader, plays the lottery, takes a vacation in Las Vegas or New Jersey or uses literally any other kind of legal gambling available to him.
    Instead: He bets on dog racing through a very shady guy who is known to enforce his demands violently, thereby endangering both himself and his friends.
  • Yandere: Callie shows touches of this towards the end.

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