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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Redmond Boyle is presented in canon as a power-hungry politician who hates Nod and wants to exploit Tiberium. In this fic...he's a power-hungry politician who hates Nod and wants to exploit Tiberium, but at the same time respects the troops under his command and is somewhat intimidated by the prospect of leading GDI in the middle of a brutal war.
  • Better Than Canon: The author RetCons the defense of the Pentagon to after the battle at Langley AFB. Also, certain units from Kane's Wrath see use during the main game's plot, like Spectres, Reckoners, Slingshots, and Shatter tanks (which the author refuses to call "Shatterers").
    • According to just about all the reviewers, the novelization does indeed vastly outshine the official novelization. Some go as far as to say its actually better than the game itself.
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    • On the one hand, apples to oranges. On the other hand, the battles feel infinitely more epic, the units from the top of the Tech Tree are here right from the get-go, and we don't spend half an hour reading how Commander Karrde/Rawne harvested Tiberium and built up a base before trying a TankRush. Given how the author has handled just part of the First Act, we're in for a real treat once things get to Sarajevo, and later when the Scrin actually arrive.
    • Its worth noting that Mitchell Colt seems to be an almost deliberate attempt to do the same thing that was done with Vega in the original novelization: a young, untested soldier being hurled into combat, surviving by luck and skill, and being promoted through the ranks. The difference is that all the ridiculous idiocy around Vega's promotions and "skill" are stripped away - Colt is promoted on his own merits and because GDI needs squad leaders, not because of blatant nepotism like Vega. Colt also makes mistakes and acts and fights like a real soldier, unlike Vega, and the progression up the chain of command is nowhere near as idiotically fast. Outwardly, the two characters are very similar, but the general opinion among the readers thus far is that Colt's development has been natural and realistic, unlike Vega's stupidly fast-tracked promotions from Private to Captain inside of a few months.
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  • Crazy Awesome: Havoc. It's kind of his job description, but when he gets back into the action in Chapter 23, he takes down a Black Hand Acolyte in Powered Armor. With a knife.
    "So Colonel Parker did what he did best: he told the odds to sit down and watch."
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Lieutenant Captain Wallace, after having spent four weeks in rehabilitation, apparently being killed by a laser-to-the-face right before a Smash Cut to another scene. Knowing this author's style, a very troubling possibility, despite the fact that it would be a horrible Shoot the Shaggy Dog moment for his character especially considering that he had subverted Anyone Can Die with the exact same character in an earlier chapter. He lives.
  • Moment of Awesome: Happens from time to time.
    • "Discipline will be enforced. You will not be harmed."
      • The mere fact that prior to that, Sandra Telfair was able to fight off the larger, stronger, and better-trained soldier trying to rape her with her hands tied behind her back for as long as she did was pretty damn awesome.
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    • "I got a present for ya!"
      • "But that was why they called him "Havoc."
      "And make sure you tell them, that was left-handed."
      • "Dear Kane: Merry Christmas! Love, Your Buddy, Havoc."
      • Havoc is a walking, talking CMOA in this fic. Point in case is his introduction: he's stuck in the middle of traffic, on his way to the TV station he works at, when the Vertigos start bombing. While all the civilians start panicking and fleeing, Havoc's response? Grab a submachinegun from inside his car's glove compartment, step out, and comment that its time to get back to work.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Private Grigorovich establishes his sliminess the moment he tries to rape Sandra Telfair.
  • Nightmare Fuel: At least one reviewer has described the descriptions of Nod's combat stim drugs to be genuinely terrifying.
    • In-universe, the Black Hand are this because of their Powered Armor and flamethrowers and laser rifles giving them Implacable Man and The Dreaded status. We only see a handful being actually killed by GDI infantry instead of neutralized, simply because their armor is that tough. The first time Colt's squad faces down a group of Black Hand, they completely freeze up and nearly get killed because of it.
  • Signature Scene: The scene where Brother-Captain Allen beats down Private Grigorovich for his crimes before tossing him out a window.
  • Squick: From chapter 14:
    As he did so, a fresh wave of pain flashed through him from his leg. He looked down, filthy brown water dripping off his nose and hair, and saw the nasty waste was seeping into his wound. The pool of brown fluid was already darkening with his blood.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The battle between the Avatars and the Mammoths in Chapter Sixteen has description and imagery evocative of Armaggeddon.
  • The Woobie: Lieutenant Sandra Telfair, who is injured, captured by Nod, beaten and nearly raped, and has to cut a man's throat to escape (a man who is nice to her but unfortunately also a Nod militant guard), which clearly traumatizes her.


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