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  • Colonel (retired) Nick "Havoc" Parker, when he leads a GDI squad against a Nod Avatar. He blows out the Avatar's leg with an IED, and as it lays sprawled over the ground, he calmly walks up to its forward sensor array, flips it the bird, and yells "I got a present for ya!" Then he throws the Avatar said present: a satchel full of wired artillery shells. Cue Unflinching Walk.
    • Looking at the bigger picture and you'll see that Parker is using guerrilla warfare against Nod.
    • Just about any time Havoc is on-screen and not sitting down is awesome, but another moment comes when he hijacks a Spectre artillery unit and uses it to blow up the Nod command center in charge of the DC invasion. Followed up with another when he leaves a spray-painted taunt to Kane on it. The minute Kane sees it, he warns the Nod troops in the area to be extra alert, because there's a GDI commmando on the loose behind their lines. Havoc may be in his seventies, but his mere presence on the battlefield still makes Kane wary.
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  • Chapter Fifteen. Seventeen Zone Troopers charging hundreds of Nod infantry, Scorpion tanks, attack buggies, and two Avatars. The Zone Troopers lose, but still.
  • Even Nod gets one of these, in Ch. 14. When a Nod militiaman leaves his post to try and rape a prisoner of war (Sandra Telfair, high ranking intelligence officer), she tries to fight him off. She does a pretty good job of it, but the crowning moment happens when one of the Black Hand arrives in the nick of time to intervene- the Hand mutilates the would-be rapist's face against the wall while calmly listing off his offenses, before sentencing him to "summary execution" and throwing him out a third story window. And then the Hand has the rapist's squadmates executed for allowing it to happen in the first place.
    "Discipline will be enforced. You will not be harmed."
  • Chapter Sixteen is one long Crowning Moment of Awesome, particularly the battle between the Mammoth Tanks and the Avatars.
    • Chapter Seventeen. Havoc recaptures the White House with a few platoons of GDI soldiers, a pair of damaged Predators, a couple of Nod buggies, and two Reckoners rigged up as giant bombs.
  • "Yea verily, though I charge through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am driving a house-sized mass of 'fuck you.'" For those who are wondering, that's a chapter quote delivered by an anonymous Mammoth Tank crewmember.
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  • "And make sure to tell 'em, that was left-handed."
  • Captain Victor Wallace gets one when he and a nameless Corporal are fighting the Nod troops in the pipes in Egypt. Not even getting shot point-blank in the chest with laser beams slows him down.
  • Rawne comes up with an idea to stall the GDI advance in Rio: create an absolutely freaking enormous forest fire. The fire is so enormous that it's mentioned it stalled GDI for better than a day.
  • Havoc takes down a Black Hand Acolyte in Powered Armor using nothing but a pistol and a knife. In the same chapter, Lieutenant Fullerton pretty much annihilating everything associated with the Brotherhood that crosses his path, culminating in him killing an entire room of Nod troops by firing blind shots guided by an optical cable and math.
    • Even Havoc who fought wars old-school are impressed.

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