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YMMV / The Reign Of Evil

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  • Complete Monster: The God of Chaos, better known as King Dosleum, is a tyrannical, sadistic God of Evil that waged war on the nations of Nidavia in hopes of conquering them. He beheaded the kind King Arnstil and sent his soldiers to find the king's heirs—Hawk, Falcon, and their infant brother, Eagle—and kidnap their foster parents. After attacking the city of Noltreydelm, his soldiers manage to capture Hawk, who King Dosleum proceeds to torture, murders his foster parents in front of him, and then imprisons him. Eventually, King Dosleum attempts to groom Hawk, promising him a piece of land in exchange for his servitude, and displays pleasure at when Hawk tells him that he intends to keep a prisoner as his personal concubine. After attacking Fairence twice more, he sends a legion of monsters to kill his own men, thus revealing his intention to rule Nidavia with no human life. Once the heroes confront him, he siphons the life force from his own Dusk Riders to fuel a spell to kill the heroes, and manages to impale an already-wounded Matt.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: It's difficult to tell when, exactly, King Dosleum crossed it. While he was always the embodiment of pure evil and planned on wiping out the human race, murdering Hawk's foster parents in front of him was a truly heinous deed, and one that ensured that Hawk would never join him. Although he turns on his own human army at the end, ordering his legion of monsters to kill them all, this revealing his intent to rule a world without humans.

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