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YMMV / The Open House

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  • Bile Fascination: People heard extensively from how terrible the film is and as a result, some went to Netflix to see if it's that bad. And it is.
  • Eight Deadly Words: We're supposed to sympathize with Naomi and Logan for all the troubles they go through. However, with how incredibly flat they are and the constant usage of plot threads thrown about all leading to nothing, it's very easy to stop caring about them halfway through the movie.
  • Narm
    • Logan's constant remembrances of his father's death come off as this.
    • The killer slowly and carefully removing Logan's contact lenses instead of just gouging his eyes out or even strangling him.
    • The killer deciding to sleep beside Naomi. She apparently doesn't notice that a man twice the size of Logan is lying right next to her.
  • Padding: The scenes of Naomi and Logan exploring their new house go on for way too long.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The film has multiple elements that could have worked in it's favor: Logan's concerns of the house, Naomi's photography, their neighbor's erratic behavior, and more or less who was in their house, but the film ignores all of that just to invoke the Nothing Is Scarier trope terribly.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Piercey Dalton and Dylan Minnette (of 13 Reasons Why fame) seem to be the only actors not phoning it in and doing their best to make it presentable.

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