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YMMV / The Iceman

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  • Complete Monster: Robert Pronge, known to the mob as Mr. Freezy, is a sociopathic assassin who drives an ice cream truck to mask his criminal activities. Introducing himself to the story by murdering a 17-year-old witness and storing her body in the ice, Pronge goes into business with the assassin Richard Kuklinski, the two killing a huge amount of people on their side assassin business with Pronge using his truck to hide the bodies to obscure their time of death. When the two risk exposure, however, Pronge is implied to be the one in a car that attempts to run down one of Kuklinski's daughters, and to eliminate witnesses Pronge offers to murder Kuklinski's family if Kuklinski himself will kill Pronge's own wife and child.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: General Zod kills Captain America.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • James Franco as Marty Freeman, one of Kuklinski's victims.
    • Steven Dorff as Kuklinski's brother. He is serving a long prison sentence, and their heated conversation is a rare occurrence of Kuklinski losing his cool and what it reveals of their childhood explains a lot.


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