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YMMV / The Black Guy Who Tips

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  • Mis-blamed: Rod and Karen got into a brief beef with the crew from the FiyaStarter podcast over the use of the "#DemThrones" hashtag. A magazine article attributed the hashtag's creation to Black Girl Nerds. BGN said "No, we got it from TBGWT." Rod has never hid the fact that he got it from FiyaStarter. But, despite this, fans of TBGWT accused the FS crew of swiping the tag (That they created, remember) from Rod and Karen. This led to a brief, but intense, falling out. They've since hashed things out.
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  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: TBGWT pioneered the podcast practice of the on-air reading of anything contained in a 5-star iTunes or Stitcher review. Though through trolls abusing the practice solely to disparage Karen (see Berserk Button), they've taken to including the caveat "As long as we like [the comment]."
  • Trolling Creator: TBGWT often features bits they knows good chunks of their audience hate (like the acoustic covers).

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