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YMMV / Star Challenge

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  • Completely Different Title: The title of the series was translated to Spanish as El Reto de las galaxias (Galaxies Challenge)note 
  • Nightmare Fuel: As per the Choose Your Own Adventure books, there's a good deal of it. In addition to those already mentioned if you still want more (and still are others):

    • Becoming a putrid monster to be shown in a sort of interstellar freak show (in The Cosmic Funhouse).
    • From Lost Planet: being held in a prison cell by a robot that accepts orders -including to feed you- only from its captain, someone that needs to be cloned, growth, and trainednote 
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    • You and 2-Tor after entering into the atmosphere of the planet Yoru in Mysterious Moons become beings made of fire. The quirk is that you cannot leave the planet, as outer space would extinguish the fire killing you.
    • Your body survives, but your mind is destroyed in one way or in other, or you simply are Mind-controlled.
    • You sit, or are forced so, in a throne, believing you will rule whatever place... just to find you cannot leave that throne, and of course that you hold no ruling powers at all.

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