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  • Adaptation Displacement: Given that there were only four books published in the original series and the only ones published afterwards were based on the show, it's probably not well-known by now that the show was actually based on a picture book property.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The bond between the four main protagonists, especially between Stanley & Dennis. Sometimes Dennis acts like a sort of father to Stanley, which makes it even sweeter. There's some pretty tender moments between Stanley and his family members too at times. The song "Just You and Me" is a good example.
    Mr. Griff: It's just me and you / And to tell you the truth / It's awfully nice just having you around.
    Stanley: It's awfully nice just having you around.
    Mr. Griff: Aw.
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  • Narm Charm: The song "Good as Gold" is so incredibly corny, but also really sad when it's done (for context, Dennis sings it when he's convinced that Stanley went to the pet store to replace him with a better fish). What makes it even sadder is that this would have been the Series Finale if it hadn't been renewed for a second season. It doesn't hurt either that Dennis' appearance and musical styling in the song is intended to evoke the image of Elton John, something which was confirmed by one of the show's storyboard artists.
  • Name's the Same / Hilarious in Hindsight: About a decade later, another animated Stanley would pop up on Disney Channel, who is... quite different from this one. If you think about it, the new Stanley appeared when the kids who watched the old one were grown up...


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