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  • Accidental Innuendo: In The '50s, "boob" was used as slang with a similar meaning to "idiot" or "silly person". The line "My goodness, Pam, did you ever see such a pair of boobs?" in the very first novel in the series was presumably innocent originally, then.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: How much of Alison's 'feather-headed' persona and hero-worshipping habit is due to her home life? We never see or hear about Alison's father, only her mother (who's even more of a Brainless Beauty than Alison) and her old nurse - who's still employed by her mother despite Alison being in boarding school - who adores Alison and keeps talking about how wonderful she is. How much of Alison's low marks are because she wasn't taught to study properly in her younger years, because intelligence and scholastic effort aren't admired or rewarded in her home or even Obfuscating Stupidity because it isn't ladylike? She could even have an undiagnosed learning disability. As for her hero-worship, every one of Alison's 'crushes' are glamorous (appealing to someone taught that beauty is very important), and always highly confident and in the case of Miss Quentin and Miss Wilcox very successful in their chosen fields. Tailor-made to appeal to a young girl who's confused about what her path in life should be, torn between the values of her home life and the attitudes surrounding her at St Clare's, and desperately wants guidance - or failing that, a role model.
  • Les Yay: Alison has this a lot, with Hot for Teacher antics and slavelike devotion to Sadie and Angela.
    • There's also a lot of subtext in the crushes younger girls who "admire" Angela have in the later books. Being a bit of an Alpha Bitch (although perhaps without so much alpha), she frequently takes advantage of their affections to make them do chores for her, sets them up in rivalries with each other or takes sadistic pleasure in hurting their feelings. Just look at this:
    [after jealousy over Jane putting Mirabel's games practice above doing chores for her Angela tells Jane to] "...go and find Violet Hill and send her to me. She can do my jobs instead of you."
    Jane was horrified at this outburst. She had given her heart to the beautiful, radiant Angela and now it was treated as rubbish! Angela didn't want her any more. She would have that silly Violet Hill who adored Angela from afar and would do anything to get a smile from her.
    Jane gave a sob and rushed out of the room. In a few minutes Violet Hill came in, thrilled to be sent for. Angela gave her orders in a lazy voice, amused to see how the little first former almost trembled with excitement as she tidied up the room and hung on Angela's lightest word.
  • Narm: In-Universe, Anne Marie's poetry is considered laughable due to how melodramatic, teary and overwrought it is (except by the teacher, who considers it to be a rip-off of her own poetry and isn't amused).


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