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  • Base-Breaking Character: Fans of women's promotions like SHIMMER, WSU and SHINE, as well as woman dominated shows like Ring Warriors' Battling Bombshells tended to like Solo Darling in the niches she fell into, while more general audiences of shows where women wrestlers were themselves a niche tended to be, at best, apathetic and often outright dismissive of Solo Darling, viewing her as a talent lacking wrestler using theatrics to hide her deficiencies. An exception was when Solo Darling got an unexpectedly positive reaction at a Ring Of Honor show, but the turning point was when she entered the parejas division of Chikara.
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  • Comedy Ghetto: The squirrel gimmick was simply taken too far to be taken seriously. If you were a fan who thought that was a bad thing, this bullet point's for you. Even if you did like it, even if you preferred the gimmick at its most ludicrous, Darling did start toning it down around the time she started winning tournaments and titles.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Solo Darling was just another wrestler who was beaten by Kelly Klein, but the fans took to her like no other. The upload on YouTube became the most viewed video on ROH's channel and Solo Darling got a spot on the promotion's roster. Despite Klein and Mandy Leon remaining the painfully obvious women wrestlers ROH was intent on pushing, fans called on Darling to be elevated up until Sumie Sakai became the inaugural champion.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Daffney's All Star Squad was overall silly for most of its existence, but the Buddy System were the pinnacle of its goofiness and had a cutesy family vibe on top of it. It did its job pretty well, and Solo's two "babysitters" did lay off on their babying of her after a couple shows, but there were still some detractors who did not see the value of such roles in an internet pay per view reliant promotion.
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  • The Woobie: Fans of SHINE became really attached to Darling after she was beaten by Mercedes Martinez and kidnapped by Valkyrie. It would have been more consistent if Valkyrie had abducted Daffney, but Daffney was absent and Daffney not being around to support Solo against the superior Mercedes made Solo that much more sympathetic. This also helped make Valifornia more reviled than Valkyrie, to the point of absorbing it, as they did consistently display the character and motive for continuously attempting to break Solo Darling.

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