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YMMV / Slint

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  • Awesome Music: Why else would Spiderland be so influential? Highlights of the album include:
    • The part of "Don, Aman," in which raging electric guitars burst into the mix.
    • The chorus of "Nosferatu Man."
    • The ending of "Good Morning, Captain," with Brian's famous "I MISS YOU!" screams.
    • The untitled EP is also pretty great (if not quite as great as Spiderland), and the currently unreleased "King's Approach" is probably on par with Spiderland.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Spiderland seems designed to invoke either this ("Don, Aman") or outright Nightmare Fuel.
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  • Short-Lived Big Impact: Despite only two albums and a posthumous EP to their name, Slint are considered the be the Trope Makers of Post-Rock.
  • Tear Jerker: "Washer" by far is their most depressing song.


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