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  • Les Yay: If the Ship Tease between Uriel Chuluun and Kira Thanos isn't canon, it's pretty damn close. In the last part of the story of their "relationship" Mulia says that Kira has entranced Uriel's heart. In the headquarters of The Unseen, one of male agents asks if Kira would find his tunic attractive, to which he is told he is 'squirreling up the wrong tree.'
    • Which, if you think about it, gives the Defiant starting zone a distinct Bury Your Gays vibe, seeing as how Uriel's father Rahn tells you that she died defending the main Defiant city from the Guardians. (Although it's slightly more justified than most: After all, Uriel is a Squishy Wizard—and a reckless one at that—and wouldn't have had Kira there to protect her).
    • There's also Enqyeke Chinua's self-admitted "schoolgirl's crush" on Asha Catari.

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