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  • Acceptable Targets: To Bill, any belief system that is not atheism. At the time of the film's release, Maher denied being an atheist however, preferring to call himself an agnostic. He's even made fun of atheism, so to him, every Target's Acceptable. After all, he hosted a show called Politically Incorrect.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Bill himself: either an inquisitive, rational guy that takes Refuge in Audacity, or a complete jerkass for pressing uncomfortable questions to devoted believers (many who are shown acting very nice and polite to the relentless questioning). To others, he's a guy with some good ideas, but absolutely horrible and inexcusably offensive (and counterproductive) ways of promoting them.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The interview with the truckers in the beginning of the film. The truckers pray for Bill and ask that God help him find the answers, and thank him for coming to share opinions that differ from their own. Bill thanks them for being "Christ-like, and not just Christian," and later notes that they were incredibly nice people and he enjoyed his time with them.
  • Ho Yay: At the end of the aforementioned interview with John Westcott. Serves as a Funny Moment also.
  • Tear Jerker: At the very end, Bill jokingly tells his mother that he'll "see her in heaven." And then the screen fades to black:
    In loving memory of Julie Maher, 1919-2007.
  • Woolseyism: How does one translate the title, a portmanteau derived from the words "religion" and "ridiculous", to other languages? Well, in Poland they decided to go with Wiara czyni czuba (Faith makes [you] a freak), a pun on popular Polish saying wiara czyni cuda (Faith makes miracles happen).


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