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YMMV / Reflections Of Demons

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation : Several.
    • First off, Evil Genius is one of those fans who fall into the "they should be ninjas!" camp, finding some of the Shōnen elements of Canon off-putting.
      • Ignoring that ninjas in Naruto are based heavily on their folklore versions.
    • Zabuza gets the idealistic side of his backstory played up, and the Blood Knight and Well-Intentioned Extremist elements played down.
    • Hyuuga Hiashi remains his aloof self but has a role in the lives of many of the characters that is a welcome change from how many use him. He's in fact responsible for Naruto in regards to the council that oversees Shinobi clans, and it's hinted his benevolent blind eye is why Naruto hasn't gotten more flack for his pranks, much less the "he's a demon" or false accusation complaints. He's also sadly considering his planned match of his eldest daughter with Naruto might not be the best. Yes. He's a Naruhina Shipper
    • Council of doom? Heavily Sporked. The Hokage's old teammates are, like the Hokage and others, just trying to do what they think is best.
    • The... eccentricities of Konoha nins are played up in general.
    • The explanation for Naruto's attachment to his orange suit is a bit of Fridge Brilliance that does not resort to the "discriminating shopkeepers" card typical to Fanon.note 
    • Hinata's crush on Naruto is shown as rather unhealthy for the Shrinking Violet.