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YMMV / Red Dwarf Season VII Beyond A Joke

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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Don Henderson played a Simulant and dies due to Kryten's negativity being shunted into his ship, causing him to destroy his own vessel and kill himself in a fit of rage. This was Henderson's final role. He died only a few months of throat cancer after the episode aired. Oh, and his raspy voice? That was not an effect.
  • Ho Yay: Kryten is in a mood because Lister would rather spend time with the Cat and Kochanski in the AR suite than celebrate their anniversary (actually the five year anniversary since they rescued him from the Nova 5, but still...).
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  • Special Effect Failure: On both occasions of Kryten's head exploding, his head suddenly transforms into an unconvincing plastic doll-like head for a split-second before exploding. The most bizarre part of this is that fan edits of the episode have demonstrated it would have worked perfectly fine had they cut from Robert Llewellyn straight to the start of the actual head explosion.


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