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YMMV / Pokémon and Digimon RP

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  • Archive Binge: Whenever a thread is finished, it's placed in an archive. It would be pure Archive Panic to read through all of them in chronological order, but a helpful plot summary turns it more into an Archive Binge.
  • Epileptic Trees: In Riley's app, his Lucario is noted to be the possible parent of Lucas' Lucario. And then the app lampshades it. "Hey, look, the trees over there are having a seizure!"
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  • Evil Is Sexy: Persia the Persiamon
  • Funny Moments: Terriermon has a habit of pulling these out. But the best of these involve anime, Bio-Merging, and SHIPPING.
    • Five words: Mr. 2. Boogeymon. Ballet classes.
    • Davis' reaction to finding out his sister is now a Pokémon Trainer
    • Hikari asking questions such as what's Yaoi or where does babies come from? The result were hilarious!
    • The Digletts did the unspeakable... they rose from from the ground and exposed their feet! It shocked the nearby Pokémon, and Uxie declared eyes will melt from the sight!
  • Jerkass Woobie: Yosuke. He can go a bit too far with his jerkass tendencies, but when you heard about what happened to Saki, and the fact that very recently an innocent trainer was murdered right in front of him, which caused him some serious emotional trauma, you kinda wanna give him a hug.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Remember the move Curse? You know, the one where a Ghost-type jams a nail into its own face to drop an enemy's health to zero? Well, when Gengar of Team Meanies uses it, he basically commits seppuku to activate the move.
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  • Wangst: Keith gets noticably angsty on Pokémon Island, and he gets whiny again after the battle is over. As Christa explains, it's actually a 'period' of sorts for him. She even describes it as "his time of the month", which just weirds out everyone at first.
    Christa: If you say he's been like this all day, then that means he's just been getting all of his 'negativity' out of his system. He's not normally like this. He's normally upbeat and confident and stuff, and he seems to take the bad stuff in stride... But he bottles all the bad things up, and every so often, he simply... Lets it out.
    Ryuu: So, basically, he angsts his ass off?
    Christa: Yep.


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