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Being a melding of Pokémon and Digimon, this RP is bound to have a few moments to be noted. Spoilers, ahoy.

    Pokémon Heroes 
  • Red! To wit, his Pikachu managed to deliver some serious damage to Alamaster, the fusion between Cyrus and an Alakazam that had the same power as a Mega-leveled Digimon.
    • This is topped later when Red sends Pikachu hurling into the maw of Daemon in his Super Mega form, electrifying his innards! Combat Pragmatist, thy name is Red.
  • Blue manages not only to let his Blastoise effortlessly decimate three SkullScorpiomons, but when one of them Digivolves into ShadowSeraphimon, Blastoise herself goes into her Stage 3 form, Atorsenal, who proceeds to bring down Shadow Seraphimon within the span of a few seconds.
  • Silver vs. Volkner. The whole battle.
  • During the Distortion World battle against Team Galactic, Giratina is gearing up to destroy everyone with one of his attacks, when he's suddenly captured. By whom? By Professor Samuel Oak, of course!
  • When Lily breaks free from her brainwashing, she knocks Io right out of the Distortion World with an Aura Sphere.
  • On Devimon's floating castle, Devimon pulled a trump card out of nowhere - transforming into Beelzemon, and he's trashing the heroes effortlessly. Even the backup that's coming don't have a chance of beating him. Sam scrambles to support her friends, including reviving Gengar... Who then proceeds to use Curse, knocking himself out again, but also more or less completely screwing over Beelzemon in the process. (Well, kinda...)
  • Ho-Oh breaking free from her brainwashing and undergoing a Dark Evolution should be considered this, but what tops the cake is how she's snapped out of her dark rage; by Lugia confessing his love for her. That's right; The Power of Love saved the day.

    Digimon Heroes 
  • Marcus manages to bypass the Digivolution-block in the Pokéarth, Digivolving GeoGreymon to RizeGreymon with nothing but a yell.
  • Yolei and Gatomon scolding Keith for doing an Eviler Than Thou between Myotismon and Kurata, as he said that the former was nothing in comparison with the latter. Being Refugee from TV Land, the Digimon Adventure cast didn't like what he said.
    • Christa joined in as well to berate him for speaking without thinking again, as he already kinda already pissed off the Trainers over Pokémon morality, and made him apologize without even asking him to. Keith's guilty as hell now.
  • Ryo defeating Millenniumon by whipping him. Granted, he had been severely weakened by Lucemon Chaos Mode, but the fact still stands; a human just whipped a god of time and space, and defeated him.
  • Wisemon pulls a Hannibal Lecture to Mimi, Wizardmon and Mewtwo. The former showing her future (as she's a odds with the anime) Wizardmon, his death scene and Mewtwo his memories with Ambertwo. Their reactions? All three did a Shut Up, Hannibal! by; Mimi DNA Digivolving her digimon after a speech (though still hating the anime), Mewtwo exploded with flames around her, and Wizardmon tops it off by striking the Wisemon in an epic fashion!
  • Beelzemon, possessed by Leomon, along with Ogremon's ultimate form, team up together to destroy the D-Reapers and save Jeri, blowing up the remains of DATS in the process.

  • Giovanni managed to take Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire attack head on and survive, managing to tough it out until he got to a Pokémon Center. The kicker? He's still conscious while he's travelling across the ocean, and his sheer badassery impresses three Mega-level Digimon, who decide to help him get some much-needed medical treatment, and subsequently become his lackeys.
  • Myotismon managed to reflect a blast shot at him from Ghoulmon. Keep in mind; Myotismon is supposed to be an Ultimate, and Ghoulmon is a Mega on par with the Seven Demon Lords.
  • It may have been absolutely devastating for the heroes, but if Machinedramon, along with three fully-rested Megas, show up to really weaken the heroes' forces on Pokémon Island isn't considered this, nothing could possibly be considered so.
  • Lady Devimon proved how much the Bagura Army is on one of Pokearth's mighty trainers, Riley. She and an army of Devidramon used Digi Xros, becoming Lady Devidramon and Metal Devidramons. They totaled the pokemon and would have won if Apollomon and Neptunemon didn't pull a Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • That being said, Riley gets props for holding out against rather unfair odds for quite a while.

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