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YMMV / Plantasia

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  • Demonic Spiders: Weeds and pests start out as minor annoyances in early gardens, but in later levels they're absolute monsters. A swarm of pests can devour all the flowers in your garden in less than 20 seconds if you can't get rid of them. Even a weak little caterpillar can quickly destroy the sun drop that cost you 2,000 mana to buy while you've been distracted killing that leaf-eating beetle that was chewing on your morning glory. The weeds are no better: your plants already need to be watered periodically or they'll die, but let weeds overrun your little field and pretty soon every plant in the garden will be crying out for water. That's bad enough, but if a weed is left unchecked for too long, it starts to spawn more weeds. You can buy multiple weeding tools, extermination tools, watering cans, and really expensive magic spells to help with the problem, but each successive one costs a bigger chunk of mana (the game's currency).
    • Normally, stray pests and weeds only appear one at a time, but in some levels, a dark translucent cloud will form over the screen, accompanied by the sound of thunder, signaling a massive swarm. If you don't have enough extermination tools or weeding tools at hand, make no mistake, you are screwed.
    • It gets better! Some gardens start off already overflowing with weeds, pests, or both. One garden has so many weeds that it's impossible to save all the plants that are already growing there; you have to choose which ones to keep alive.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Caterpillars are the first bug encountered and easy enough to kill, but they can eat through your plants just as easily as their tougher counterparts.
    • Ants move really fast and can chew through a plant in seconds before moving on to the next. Thankfully, they also die almost instantly when hit by the pest spray.
  • Jerkass Woobie: At first, Jack is a jerkass who doesn't seem very grateful for the free wish he's getting, but he starts to get nicer when his spirits are lifted by Holly's fixing the gardens. We later find out that he fell into despair when his wife Julie died a few years ago.
  • That One Boss: Hercules beetles are the strongest pest in the game and ridiculously hard to get rid of. They have to be sprayed continuously several times to kill them, and if you're not fast enough with the bug sprayer (which can happen if you're distracted by other things in the garden), they can easily finish off the plant they're chewing on. God help you if they get to your more valuable plants, especially roses. Or if you run into multiple of them in one level.
  • That One Level: Level 5-9 is hard to finish and even harder to get the bonus statue for. You start with multiple plants on a field overrun with pests and weeds, and have to choose which plants to save. The level has two pest/weed swarms, with the second coming almost immediately after the first, and both containing several ants that will eat through your plants very quickly.