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  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • Petz 5 never existed. Expect to be very left out of adopting petz out to the more specialized/mature bulk of the Petz Community if you use P5, because not only are P5 Petz incompatible with P3/4 games, but everybody just hates it. It's gotten to the point where some Petz forums have separate sections just for Petz 5 adoptions because of the incompatibility problem, and that's not where all the good hexes are. On the other hand, it is still enjoyable if you don't care about the other games/hexing.
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    • Basically anything with the Petz label that came out after Petz 5 does not exist at all.
  • Periphery Demographic: You'd be surprised how many people in their teens and 20's play this game.

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