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YMMV / Ouke no Monshou

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  • Broken Base: How this series has been repeating drama for forty-two years by having Carol constantly kidnapped by people who constantly fall in love with and want her, then forcing Memphis to rescue her without offering any sign of conclusion for Carol's phenomenal pheromones release has pushed many readers to exasperation. They want a stop, now.
  • Narm: This downright HILARIOUS artwork.
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  • The Woobie: Ishmin. His love for Carol rivals Memphis and torments him beyond what Memphis has to endure since unlike Memphis, he doesn't get Carol.
  • Vietnamese Hate Carol: Just mention that you like this manga in a Vietnamese forum and tons of bombs will be dropped on you - the series running for far too long without an ending, combined with Flanderization/Narm, has driven away most of its old fanbase.

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