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  • Complete Monster: The Reapers of Chaos are a vile group but none so much as their leaders:
    • The Norse God Loki, the God of Chaos, was imprisoned for murdering fellow god Baldur, before manipulating his wife into freeing him, then forming the "Reapers of Chaos" in an attempt to slaughter the other gods and prey on humanity, killing hundreds of thousands of innocents as a result. Defeated and imprisoned again by the goddess Nike, Loki guides the Reapers over the centuries to commit murders and sacrifices to loosen his chains. When freed again, Loki tries to regain his full power by trying to murder hundreds of Academy students to absorb their strength and allow him to take over Logan Quinn's body, which would destroy the latter's soul in the process. Fighting Gwendolyn "Gwen" Frost with the body of her Love Interest, Loki torments them by keeping Logan aware but unable to do anything as he attacks her. Driven off, Loki later tries to force Gwen into giving him an artifact to start the apocalypse, before flying into a rage when she foils him, assaulting the Academy with his forces. In his final battle with Gwen, Loki attempts to take control of her body, boasting all the while of how he will use her as a vessel to murder everyone she cares about.
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    • Agrona Quinn leads the Reapers of Chaos in their slew of human sacrifices to revive Loki and bring about his age of chaos. In her quest, Agrona secretly ordered the family of Logan Quinn and the Spartan leader murdered, and called for the assassination of Gwen's mother. When Loki is freed, Agrona seeks to help him kill hundreds at the Academy to let him take over Logan's body and has Gwen framed as Loki's champion in an attempt to discredit and have her executed. Using poison, Agrona tries to kill several students, as well as Gwen's mentor, Nikademes, allowing Agrona access to a mystical artifact to revive Loki. Agrona eventually threatens and kidnaps Gwen's elderly grandmother in order to gain a way to revive her master and eventually helps Loki lay a murderous siege to the academy by leading his forces.

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