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YMMV / Legaia II Duel Saga

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  • Game-Breaker: Full Power. This skill activates when you guard and gives you one fewer Art Block. In return, your character's STR triples for the following attack. Since damage is based on (STR + ATK — enemy DEF), this generally means a 5-6x increase in damage. Combined with Mystic or Variable arts and a reasonable level, it is very possible to defeat the final boss in one attack sequence.
  • Moe: Maya.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • The dream arena can be this late game, as you're fighting up to and including the first form of the final boss. You can also be put up against him with the Bonus Boss Stiel at the same time. What really makes the dream arena a nightmare is that barring invincibility pills or vaccines to protect you from status ailments, you can easily be incapacitated by petrification, one of Bubba's ailemnts or Velma and Vestra's Armageddon fist which instantly kills you even through the invincibility pill.
    • The Centurion Challenge is very tiresome, as you have to walk a long hallway and fight 100 battles without a chance to save and rest. If you are defeated or leave the area before finishing the challenge, you can keep the earned items and experience points, but will have to start it all over again.
  • That One Boss: Bubba. To be more specific; Bubba in the Arena. Bubba is armed with arts that can Charm (Violet 7), Stun (Final Bullet), hit really hard multiple times (Dancing Revolver), or worse, regain all of his HP (Golden Memory, though he only does this if you put the ring on Elfin's Grave), he can prematurely end a streak if the player isn't prepared to deal with him.


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