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YMMV / Kidnap

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  • Complete Monster: Terry and Margo are a villainous couple who kidnap children and sell them off to customers for a large amount of money, something they are implied to have been doing for quite a while. When Karla loses sight of her son Frankie at a park, Terry and Margo kidnap him, and when Karla gets into a car chase with them, they try their hardest to lose her, by means such as throwing things at her vehicle, at one point causing her to crash into a van, turning the van upside down with no indication of the driver surviving. Killing a police officer by running him off the road, they threaten Frankie's life unless Karla gives them $10,000. When Karla complies, Margo tries to kill Karla anyway once they reach the tunnel. When Karla goes into a police station, she finds that there have been at least a dozen kidnappings of children that are connected to this one. When Karla finds Terry, Terry runs over a lady who just happened to be in the way, as well as killing a man who Karla hitched a ride with. They also are shown abusing their captive children, keeping them inside the ceiling roof while Margo casually talks to a customer about upping the price, proclaiming it's 100 grand or they get nothing.

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