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  • "Common Knowledge": Most people believe ReBoot is the first All-CGI Cartoon to air. Insektors actually preceded it by a few months.
  • Fridge Logic: In one episode all the important Joyces/Verigreens attend a music festeval/go to band practice at most five minutes stroll from the Yuk/Krud border. Remember guys Location, Location, Location!
  • Nightmare Fuel: In the UK dub, Queen Catheter retains her regal attitude and lack of patience from the US version, but now has a seriously creepy whispering voice with a metallic edge.
  • Tear Jerker: The last recorded words of Eurekas/Magus, particularly in the UK dub.
    "I am Magus, chief scientific adviser to Queen Catheter. I am the father of this child. I created this robot to carry my son out of the misery that is Krud City, because of my beliefs and refusal to create more weapons of war. By the time you hear this message, I will have been arrested and imprisoned, my fate uncertain. I entrust my son, Flynn, to your care, in the hope he will be raised as a Verigreen and loved as your own. It is my fondest wish that one day, our two nations will be at peace, and I will be reunited with my son."
    • In the next episode, we learn that he died in an earthquake trying to escape.
      • In the series finale, we then learn that he survived the tunnel collapse and spent the rest of his life as a bitter, twisted recluse. When Flynn finds him, he refuses to recognise him and even attacks him. He is only brought to his senses when Gallopus/Peg arrives and helps him recognise Flynn as his son.
  • Woolseyism: The British dub of the show is so radically different to the original French version and the US dub (which is far more faithful to the original French) that the context of entire scenes and even episodes is altered.


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