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YMMV / Hitler's Madman

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  • Complete Monster: The titular "madman," Reinhard Heydrich himself, is a nightmare even by the standards of the Nazi regime at the time. Leading the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and having the tiniest bit of resistance murdered alongside twenty other innocents for each "crime"—leading to thousands of deaths—Heydrich establishes his cruelty by sentencing a Czech citizen to death on false charges and personally signing his execution warrant. With a seething hatred of "intellectualism" and free thought in the face of the Nazi regime, Heydrich rounds up several young girls who look to his taste to have them sterilized and then sent to the Russian front as sex slaves for the German soldiers, callously brushing off the anguished suicide of one as "the victim of intellect" with a smile on his face. Heydrich later provokes a pacifistic priest into being shot dead by his men by violating his sacred cloth. On his deathbed, Heydrich furiously denounces the Reich as "too weak" and implores Himmler to execute the Final Solution to wipe out all of the German's enemies without mercy. At the end of his cruel life, Heydrich's only regret is simply that he didn't kill enough people, embracing his cruelty to the bitter end.

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