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YMMV / Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? (2017)

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  • Awesome Music: While the film has polarizing views, many people agree that the soundtrack is one of the positive aspects. Especially the ending song, sung by DAOKO and Kenshi Honezu, which reached YouTube views more than 100 million (despite the fact that many of the viewers possibly haven't watched the film!). Not helping that it also accompanied by the film's Awesome Art.
  • Eight Deadly Words: The general consensus about any of the characters, due to their lack of depth and development despite, as The Anime Man pointed out, the anime being twice as long as the source material.
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  • Older Than They Think: Some people claim that the time travel element is a ripoff of or trying to cash in on Your Name. Admittedly, the entire element is a case of Adaptation Expansion - in the original 1993 film, it was part of a What If? sequence of what Norimichi would have done should he have made a different decision before he returned back to reality. However, because of Animation Lead Time, it simply wouldn't be possible for the writers of Fireworks to watch the other film when it came out and then hurriedly rework their own within a mere 1 year.

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