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YMMV / Fiend Without a Face

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  • Narm: Although it's meant to be horrifying, the state that Gibbons is found in is unitentionally hilarious, especially his repeated cries of "Durrrr-hurrr-hurrrr!"
  • Special Effects Failure: Although in general the opposite is true (the "fiends" themselves being great examples), the scene where Walgate gets mobbed by dozens of the critters stands out as being poorly realized.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The "fiends" themselves are the most memorable and inventive part of the movie. Since Amalgamated lacked the budget or facilities to create them themselves, the stop-motion scenes were directed by German animators Florenz von Nordoffnote  and K.L. Ruppell. Several puppets and nonmoving props were also created for use in scenes requiring the actors to interact with the "fiends."


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