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Headscratchers / Fiend Without a Face

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  • So, exactly what happened to Constable Gibbons? The reason for his condition is never discussed. And it isn't merely a mental condition, it's physical as well, considering the puffiness around his mouth and the stretch marks around his eyes. Nobody else who was a partial or full victim of the "fiends" ends up with these peculiar facial deformities.
    • He got away? And for the physical deformities, the Fiend attacking him might have tried to clasp itself over his face in order to finish what it started, but he managed to wrestle it off anyway, at the expense of his face when the tentacles came off?

    Looks of Fear 
  • Why do victims have "looks of fear" frozen on their faces? While having your brain and spinal cord sucked out can certainly be traumatizing, the manner in which the expression they have is discussed suggests they see something frightening, when in fact, the entire point of the "fiends" (at least until the end) is they're invisible.
    • Who wouldn't be terrified if they felt themselves dying without a single clue of why?


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