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YMMV / Family Guy S 12 E 21 Chap Stewie

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  • Ass Pull: In "Life of Brian", it's made clear that Stewie's time machine was destroyed for good, with extra emphasis placed on the fact that the titanium capacitor he used for it is unavailable because his supplier was arrested for doodling Mohammad. Then, out of the blue in this episode, he builds another seemingly overnight. This is never explained, although, it is mentioned — by Brian. It's possible that, given how inventive Stewie is, he must have made one from scratch.
  • Squick: A Cutaway Gag heavily implies Meg uses Stewie to remove tampons from her vagina when the string breaks.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Stewie's British father discovers the time machine just as Stewie's about to go back and restore his previous existence, but is quickly brought down by a Groin Attack. The episode might've had a more dynamic ending if Stewie's other dad followed him back and tried to stop Stewie.