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YMMV / Fallout Is Dragons

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  • Arc Fatigue: After Tibbs is ousted as The Mole, the group spends an entire two-hour session arguing about what to do with him. Even the DM is at his wit's end by the end of the session.
  • Crazy Awesome: Javolt is an elderly cybernetic donkey who has an obsession with science and very poor social skills. He frequently, FREQUENTLY gets on the party's nerves, but every so often he does something so amazing it steals the show.
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  • Funny Moments: At one point, while discussing Powder Keg's obsession with killing raiders, he's asked to imagine a world without them. Immediately, and entirely accidentally, Everything is Awesome starts playing on the chat channel.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Powder Keg, the Raider-Killer who had been established as being resigned to the idea of roaming the wasteland killing raiders until his dying breath, promises to settle down with Blinkie once they've dealt with The Executive, because he's decided that she's Worth Living For.
  • Narm: Tempered Steel's refusal to talk about his Dark and Troubled Past with the rest of the group, even going so far as to try to sneak away from the party. Spacejawa's attempts to convey the melodrama of Steel's anguish over this and the fact that pretty much everyone else had already shared their own tragic backstories made his stubbornness seem rather hilariously childish.
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  • Never Live It Down: For a long time afterward, Flotsam repeatedly reminds Tempered Steel that she hasn't forgotten about the time he ran away from the party just to avoid talking about his Dark and Troubled Past. Xencarn is still more than willing to do it if given the proper prompt to do so.
  • The Scrappy: Despite his occasional moments of brilliance, Dr. Javolt can be incredibly annoying, both to the listeners and to the other participants. Especially when his player intentionally sets out to bother the other characters or plays up Javolt's inability to clearly state what he wants to do. He's also rather fond of trying to invoke the Unspoken Plan Guarantee, which is a headache for the GM along with his fellow party members.
  • Toy Ship: Flotsam has a rather unsubtle crush on Smack Talk (not that she'll admit it).


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