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Drinking Game / Fallout Is Dragons

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  • Long-lost backstory is finally explored: Take 2 drinks
  • One or more loved ones tragically die in backstory: Take a drink
  • Mention of town we've been inevitably been planning to go to. Eventually (Aside from talk about ACTUALLY going there): Take a drink
  • Javolt switches the conversation topic without explanation: Take a drink
  • Javolt gives a stupid answer to a not-stupid question: Take a drink
  • Tempered Steel starts walking somewhere to get past talking and get to walking: Take a Drink
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  • Reference is made to the debt we owe for Powder Keg blowing up a bar in Session 0: Take a Drink
  • We get into a way off-topic semantics conversation: Take a Drink
  • Argument happens over the wording behind rules and abilities: Take a Drink
  • Javolt tries justify a crazy reason for something to work: Take a Drink
  • Tibbs misses out on combat: Take a Drink
  • "And it was very offscreen" Joke: Take a gulp!

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