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YMMV / 1866: A Mount & Blade Western

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The Dark Tower-inspired Easter Egg. By chance, the player character can find a Ghost Town named Tull, which is full of corpses in the main street. Then a horde of zombies appears. It is especially out-of-place because the mod is mostly serious and realistic (despite a few tongue-in-cheek humour from time to time), and because Tull is never mentioned in any rumor-related dialog or sidequest.
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  • Demonic Spiders: The Indians parties, which are met as proper factions (Comanche, Apache), Deserters, or the Indian Raiders bandit faction. They move very fast on the worldmap, and most all of their units are light ranged cavalry: once they start following you on the worldmap, expect to quickly earn a short battle in which you'll get heavy losses thanks to their initial charge. On the other hand, their light cavalry specialization means that Indians are a lot weaker in siege battles.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The LeMat revolver. While not the most accurate and powerful gun (it's in the higher tiers among the revolvers), but its magazine holds nine rounds instead of the five or six of most of the other revolvers.note 
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    • The Cavalry Sabre and the Eaglehead Swordnote  are among the most powerful one-handed mêlée weapons. Though they are slightly less powerful than the Bowie Knife or the Large Machete, they have over the two former weapons the unvaluable advantage of having a much longer reach, which not only makes them very useful on foot, but also makes them one of the few mêlée weapons usable from horseback.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Each time a character is hit while reloading, he has to cease the action and starts it again from the beginning. This feature is totally understandable in the native Mount & Blade and could be justified by balance reasons, as it is a Fantasy-themed game and this feature only affected firearms and crossbows (both more powerful than bows, unaffected). It is less understandable in a mod focused on long range combats and gunfights.
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    • Mount & Blade has a feature which automatically reduces the accuracy of higher powerful ranged weapons for balance reason. It makes the Sniper Rifles a lot less interesting than they are supposed to be, especially because this flaw is added to the explicit ones of those rifles (long reloading after each shot, moving stops the reloading).

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