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YMMV / Dykes to Watch Out For

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  • Harsher in Hindsight / Hilarious in Hindsight: With the strip being very tied to the politics of the week, much of it can end up looking strange from future events.
    • A 1988 strip has Mo refusing to get out of bed "until the Electoral College is abolished and George Bush is impeached!" Bush Sr's son George W. Bush would have an even closer run-in with the Electoral College.
    • One '87 strip leading up to the group participating in a Pride March has them greeted by two cowboys, who they mistake for anti-queer bigots but discover are a couple, several years before Brokeback Mountain popularized the image of gay cowboys in the mainstream.
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    • 1996: Some of the comments made by Sydney and Mo about Pat Buchanan (that he's a lunatic who has no chance of winning, that his unpredictability keeps the Republicans off-base, whether he's a populist or a racist, that he's riding a wave of white supremacist voters, that he'll sneak into the Presidency if he's not taken seriously and if Republican voters don't compromise and vote for [Bill] Clinton) sound eerily similar to future comments made about Donald Trump in 2016.
  • Misaimed Fandom: People will sometimes say a movie is good and feminist because it passes The Bechdel Test or bad and sexist because it does not. However, Bechedel herself never intended it to be used that way. The point of the test was to attack Hollywood for not making very many films that would pass the test, rather than condemn individual movies for failing or praise individual movies for passing.

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