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YMMV / Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

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  • Awesome Music: As mediocre as the game's soundtrack is, Sagas does have some genuinely good songs, such as the menu theme, both boss themes, and even the battle against Perfect Cell.
  • Game-Breaker: Super Saiyan/Namek is a temporary power up that lets you move faster and dish out over twice as much pain on enemies as you would when normal. Similarly, simply alternating between punches and kicks is a way more effective strategy, especially on higher difficulties, when dealing with bosses, especially the ones where it's required you power up to the character's super form to beat them.
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  • Narm/Narm Charm: Part of the snark bait, as the animation used from the show is in the cutscenes, but not the dub's audio, resulting in the developers having the cast record new lines for the animation, and in-game dialogue. The result is either a hilarious bit of awkward dubbing, or terrible voice acting with generic lines specifically for the game.
  • Pandering to the Base: It manages to screw it up by not having the character be the God Mode of the game as he was in his movies, but they included Broly in the game, despite his movies never being covered in the game's story mode, and, to a lesser extent, Bardock, even though he's never mentioned in the game either.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Super Saiyan/Namek. Powerful as it is, the forms don't last too long unless you melee enemies, and the meter sometimes runs down before you start fighting in levels where your character begins with it already done.
    • Combos are also less than reliable on bosses. On the grunts, they're fine, since most of them don't take too many hits to kill. As another clue to this, you can buy combos to do in the game, but you'd never have any reason to use them unless you're curious outside of the time chamber tutorial levels, where you have to do them in full, and get most of the hits on the enemy to get the stars it's worth, which can be interrupted anytime by their combo breaker. This can also apply to the combo breaker itself, since the game can be pretty random on when it actually lets you use it, but lets the enemies use it whenever.
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  • Snark Bait: The only reason why anyone would even remotely choose to play this game, as there's enough to make fun of in a let's play, or with friends, since the game's design is too glaringly awful to be considered a good game, and actually playing the game will legitimately frustrate you to the point where you'll wanna chuck your copy into a bonfire after finishing it. Case in point, Team Four Star's let's play of the game, where they both make fun of the game's brokenness, but groan and gripe just as much at the bullshit the game throws at them and ProJared's review of the game, where he laid out all of the flaws in the game perfectly.
  • That One Boss: Frieza and Cell, since, as mentioned above, you can only hurt them as a certain Super level, Super Saiyan Goku for Frieza and Super Saiyan 2 for Gohan, and they constantly spam energy attacks at you and will break the combos you use to charge your Super meter.
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  • The Problem with Licensed Games: This game is, generally, agreed upon as being one of the worst Dragon Ball games ever for many reasons, with no saving graces outside of some of the snark bait. This game's bad decisions include: bad visuals, terrible, wonky, controls, terrible enemy A.I., bad retelling of the DBZ story, glitches, bad editing of the anime scenes it uses for the cutscenes, terrible choices for lines from the characters, a bad soundtrack, etc. It epitomizes the worst of the worst DBZ games.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Bardock and Broly, of all people, are in the game as playable characters.

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