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YMMV / Dairugger XV

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  • What an Idiot!: Both heroes and villains alike does many boneheaded decisions that ends either losing a battle or either their lives:
    • Possible the most egregious example of this happens during the episode three: The Galveston Empire destroys the planet when the Dairugger team was exploring to, named Achilles after its destruction, and the leader of the Galveston attacking force, Ruckal, tried to destroy the Rugger team once for all, when the whole planet was about to explode. Rather than trying to fight Dairugger XV team in space or trying to finish them off at once, he tried to escape from the planet in order to pursue them, but the burning flames of the planet reached his ship, destroying him along the planet and his whole crew.
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    • An ever biggest stupid decision that, in the long run, ended up costing the Galveston Empire the entire war: Invading planet Earth:
      • You'd Expect: That the Galveston Empire, after having planet Earth in their very hands, and after taking advantage that the Dairugger team and the Rugger Guard were very far away from it, and, after wiping out most of the Earth's space defenses, they could have completely invaded the planet and destroy it at once with their entire people, just like they did it before with other planets, including the already mentioned Achilles.
      • Instead: They just invaded a single Earth city, more especifically the one when the Earth Garrison's H Qs were located, and they ignored the rest of the Earth (or at least, it's never explained if they attacked other Earth cities besides that one). Granted, they destroyed that city, but after doing their deeds, they retreated from Earth after the reinforcments from other planets came to help to Earth, but that doesn't explain why they just concentrated their entire firepower into a single city. To top it off, they didn't even bothered to use their biggest and most destructive weapons used for destroying planets, like the photon missiles used for destroying Achiless in ep. 3 or their Combat Machines.
      • What Ends Up Happening:: Not only the invading fleet ended up being destroyed by the Dairugger team later on, but they also lost their very valuable forward base a few episodes later, causing, much later, to lose the war.
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Pretty much forgotten in Japan, but more relatively known elsewhere due to being a part of Voltron. That being said, it's nothing compared to its predecessor.

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