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YMMV / Cryoshell

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  • Awesome Music: All of the promo songs.
    • "Trigger", "Feed", and "Murky" are also good non-promo songs.
      • The 2018 version of "Gravity Hurts", which finally includes Lore on vocals and an entire orchestra as backing takes this all the way to Awesome Music
  • Award-Bait Song: Though not technically movie-based, "Gravity Hurts" has all the elements of one.
  • Broken Base: Album vs. promos. Some prefer the original versions, others think the darker sound of the album was more appropriate for the band as a whole.
    • "Gravity Hurts" as done by Tine Midtgaard. Is it a worthy cover or nowhere near as good as the original?
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    • Which of the three singers was best for the band? Was Brinck's arena-ballad sound okay? Is Lore still the go-to girl? Or does Tine's more poppy, dubstep style take the cake?
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Gravity Hurts". Even forgiving Early Installment Weirdness, this song still stands out from the rest of their songs for being an upbeat ballad with a male singer and less metal than standard hard rock. The remake seems to be closer to their style, though.
    • "Breakout", made by Tine Midtgaard, sounds very techno with a wub-wub in the background, as opposed to their standard alt-metal style.
  • Epic Riff: "Gravity Hurts", "Face Me", and "Bye Bye Babylon" for starters.
  • Face of the Band: Lore.
  • First and Foremost: People refuse to accept Tine Midtgaard's "Gravity Hurts" as the main version, despite that one getting the single release. To this day, more AMVs are made of Brinck's original.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "Bye Bye Babylon", the last of the promo songs for BIONICLE was released a mere month before the line was cancelled. The song, about surrendering old possessions and the fall of empires, is eerily fitting for the line's conclusion.
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  • Narm: The scream of "Gravity Hurts" or the constant repetition of "take me home.." in "Closer to the Truth".
  • Signature Song: "Gravity Hurts" for many fans.
    • "Creeping in my Soul" for the full lineup.
  • Song Association: Intentionally so for the BIONICLE promos. The songs soon became linked not to the sets, but the story as a whole. Were they not written specifically for the toyline, they could almost be filk. "Trigger" came out after their work for BIONICLE, but pretty specifically describes Takua/Takanuva's character arc.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "Creeping in my Soul" to Evanescence's "Bring me to Life". Comparisons were drawn almost instantly, leading to a remix which is distinct enough.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Though the songs in the promos might be okay for kids, the album tracks have songs about sex, paranoia, and other disturbing imagery. The word "Hell" even had to be edited out of a commercial because of this.

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