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YMMV / Constantine: City of Demons

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  • Complete Monster: Nergal is a depraved and sadistic demon from Hell. When John Constantine summoned him to save the young Astra from being sacrificed by her father Alex Logue, Nergal not only killed the latter and his followers but then slaughtered the people at the club before tossing Astra into a portal to Hell for nothing but his own enjoyment. Unsatisfied with his work in Hell, Nergal, under the identity of Beroul, settles in Los Angeles to run his own hellish dimension where the damned souls are tortured and gruesomely executed in various ways by demons. He gets his supply of souls from comatose patients in hospitals. He's also a man-eater who regularly bathes in a pool of liquefied human bodies. The demon abducts the soul of the young Trish Chandler, keeping it inside his own body in order to compel John into getting rid of his five demonic rivals. After John fulfills his demand, Nergal doesn't keep his words and keeps Trish as a bargaining chip to force the man into working for him. When John turns against him, Nergal strangles Chas Chandler and gloats about his ill intentions for Trish.
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  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: The plot-line of Chas' daughter's soul being held hostage along with others and Constantine and Chas having to get her back had already been done in the live-action show in the episode "Quid Pro Quo".
  • The Woobie: Chas comes to John Constantine in hopes of saving his beloved daughter, Trish, who has been spiritually kidnapped by a demon who turns out to be Nergal. Not only is he really not suited for John's life, but while John does manage to save Trish, the spell he's forced to use to do so quite literally costs Chas the love his wife and daughter have for him - along with the friendship between him and John, rendering him unable to recall any of it. At least Angela decides to Throw the Dog a Bone, taking him under her wing so he can start again.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The Newcastle Crew being adapted out.

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