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YMMV / Community S3 E05: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Jeff and Abed's story is the only one without any murders or butchering, and at the end they're the only ones might not have homicidal tendencies.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Annie's story contains a haiku: Your porcelain neck/in the light of the full moon/too appetizing.
    • Directly after Jeff's denial, he then lists several of his obvious signs of sociopathy.
  • Ho Yay: Troy's story features him and Abed dressed like fighter pilots from Top Gun who are sewed together for life. And can read each other's thoughts. It also opens with Troy carrying an injured Abed bridal-style into a cabin.
  • Nightmare Fuel: It might be more of the uncanny valley effect of it but Werewolf!Annie was pretty creepy to see.
    • Annie's pretty young, we try not to lycanthropize her.

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