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YMMV / Children Of Hades

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  • Archive Panic: Although the story is only in its prologue due to OC Submissions, the author has carefully planned things for each character on a massive page filled with all of their information from their equipment, their stats, their skills, their likes and dislikes, even what they smell like.
  • Ho Yay: The author openly advocates this trope, with many of the characters being homosexual or at least bisexual to some extent. The most obvious one is Rooster x Tessa, but the story hasn't gotten far enough to reveal any others.
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  • Memetic Badass: Morn Rower, who bears almost all of the traits of a Mary Sue and is essentially the story's version of Chuck Norris.
  • Word of God: The author is quite easy to reach, if you know where to find her.

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