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  • Aesop Amnesia: Malachi suffers from this the most, often learning something from a story arc and then having to learn the same thing down the road under different circumstances. This is even lampshaded at one point.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Several characters, mostly regarding their personalities and checkered pasts.
    • Are Malachi's spats of self centeredness and jerk behavior towards others all a result of his mother's high expectations of him to live up to his father? Or does he just love the spotlight?
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    • Now that Seventeen remembers how she arrived at camp, is she still The Pollyanna since Malachi and Brian are her friends and new family? Or is she just a Stepford Smiler?
      • In simliar situations, do the other kids really not understand why their parents abandoned them and think that they are coming back someday, or do they know the truth and have just come to terms with it?
    • Is Purdy actually a bad person who hurts people and animals because it's fun? Or does she just have a Self-Serving Memory, hunts for survival and legitimately doesn't understand why people keep "lying" to her?
    • Are the Rope Course Kids the dangerous near-savages the Camp kids think them, or just pragmatic survivalists who've chosen not to depend on the Camp's dubious shelter and unreliable food supply?
  • Arc Fatigue: The library story lasted for a solid two months without any breaks for Camp stories or side plots, making it one of the longest story arcs to date. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if the story wasn't yet another instance of Malachi learning not to be a self centered jerk.
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  • Moe: Most of the kids, but especially Seventeen.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: Subverted. The campers were literally trapped by a mountain lion at one point but it was important to the main plot at the time.
  • The Woobie: A summer camp full of them! Almost any of the kids could qualify given the very nature of the camp, but special mention goes to:
    • Seventeen who was abandoned by her moonshining family because she was too much of a "child". We see her arriving at came alone and terrified. Even worse is that, unlike most of the kids who were dropped off by her parents, Seventeen was stuffed into a box as part of a trick and shipped there. Finally, Seventeen is the only camper who's been shown to be completely aware that her family didn't want her.
    • Fred, the mess hall's chef, has it rough. In his backstory we learn that the reason he loves cooking so much is because it was something he bonded over with his mother. Later we see flashbacks of his mother being gone and his father falling into a depression, which could suggest she died. Fred snaps his dad out of his depression by cooking for him and the two get their happy lives back to the point where Fred's dad starts dating a new woman who starts to do all the cooking herself. When Fred innocently shows his dad his mom's old apron and photo and his dad smiles, the new girlfriend/wife breaks down and they start fighting. By the next comic Fred is packed for camp and the new girlfriend is placing a photo on a table of her and Fred's dad...without Fred.

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