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Heartwarming / Camp Weedonwantcha

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  • The ending of the Love Bug arc. Seventeen says that she doesn't have a best friend in the Love Bug anymore, but a friend in Malachi and Brian. Mal also invites Seventeen to stay in his cabin for good.
  • Colin, having temporarily lost his whistle, gains a group of people who will like and respect him for who he is.
  • The end of Seventeen's flashback arc.
    Seventeen: My family. They didn't want me.
    Brian: We do.
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  • This. Just... this.
  • The end of the Animal club arc ends with the group back down to the basic members and Seventeen still wondering who should be vice president (Brian being president.) After spending the arc trying to prove why he should be vice-president, he nominates Seventeen for the role before he (along with Brian) for her in. She's just so happy.
  • A pivotal moment for Malachi: Having given up at finding his talent, Malachi considers burning down the stage, even prepping himself in doing so. Throughout him setting it up, we see flashbacks of all his failures and being told he just isn't good at anything. No one would have any reason to suspect him and the only people who could, Brian and Seventeen, wouldn't. However, just as he lights the match, he remembers Seventeen's words and he blows out the match. Despite all of his failures, the fact he has Seventeen's belief in him is enough for him not to burn down the stage.
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  • The conclusion of the "Steve N' Steven" strips. Steve gloats about how he did really cool things with his popular friends back home, but honestly tells Steven that hanging out with him was one of his favorite days in his life.
  • Right when Linus offers to stay in the camp if Malachi wants him to, Malachi tells him "I want you to do what you want". Given what we'd just seen with Linus's backstory, he'd likely spent his whole life wanting someone to tell him that.
  • After Linus leaves camp, Malachi decides to take his room and take care of his cat and the library in his place. He even starts teaching Seventeen to read.
    • The message left in Linus' book also counts.
    Linus: Hey Malachi, I guess if you're reading this, I left camp. Whoa. I never thought I'd have it in me, but you probably did. I'm really glad I got to spend so much time with you at the library. I never would have predicted that that place would actually help me make friends. I hope you keep the library going. If you want to. For what it's worth, I think you'd be great at it. So, I've recently been spending a lot of time obsessing over why we're at camp. Now, this may sound weird since I left...but I think I figured it out. We're here for each other. Your friend, Linus.

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