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YMMV / Blindness

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  • Complete Monster: The King of Ward 3 is shown to be the most savage of the barbaric society formed from the people afflicted by the blinding White Sickness. Assuming control over the asylum in which the afflicted are quarantined, the King molds Ward 3 into a gang, then rations all the food to himself and his gang, taking the valuables of the other Wards with promises of food in return (which he dispenses sparsely). Threatening death to all who challenge him, the King forces the starving Wards to give his gang the women of the asylum if they want food. The brutal mass-rape that ensues leads to the death of one of the women raped, but the King doesn’t care, and allows the rapes to continue.
  • Nausea Fuel: After a week, the disgusting state of the asylum: walls are smeared with human feces, and hallways are covered in pools of piss and waste that people walk in barefoot.
    • The infection in the Thief's leg that completely takes over his leg.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The soldiers guarding the facility, who are irrational, violent, and terrified of the quarantined people. The King of Ward 3 and everything he does. The starving blind scavengers in the shopping center.
  • Paranoia Fuel: How any moment the doctor's wife had the completely rational fear that any second she could go blind.
  • Tear Jerker: When the doctor's wife silently breaks down into sobs after she realizes she forgot to wind her watch and now doesn't even know what time it is anymore.
    • One of the women dies after they are gang-raped, since she was brutally beaten for being "a limp fish". When they return, not a single word is exchanged between any of the women, as they silently console each other.


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