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YMMV / Arrow S 5 E 17 Kapiushon

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  • Broken Base: This is either the best episode in the history of the show, or the worst. There is very little middle ground.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Evelyn crosses it when she becomes a willing accomplice to Prometheus' plan to break Oliver by faking her death; Jerkass doesn't even begin to describe her.
    • To Anatoly, Oliver torturing a mook to death even though he told him what he wanted to know sure puts him right on the line. When even a mob captain is shocked by your brutality and says you're becoming a monster, it's official: you're going off the deep end.
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    • Kovar crosses this when he intends to use sarin gas to murder thousands of people, all so he can overthrow the Russian government.
  • Narm: Kovar fails to recognize Oliver until his hood falls down (see Failed a Spot Check on the main recap page).
  • Narm Charm: A rare care of deliberate Narm, as Adrian snapping Evelyn's neck at first comes off as obviously fake...and then it turns out it actually was.

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