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YMMV / Angel S 05 E 20 The Girl In Question

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  • Author's Saving Throw: For years fans were outraged that Buffy's last appearance in the franchise was as a ditzy piece of arm candy, with some even accusing the writers of taking revenge on Sarah Michelle Gellar for her refusal to appear in "You're Welcome." Then the Season 8 comics revealed in the very first page that this wasn't actually Buffy, but one of several Slayers around the world impersonating her.
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  • Bizarro Episode: In the middle of a tense, tragic story arc leading up to the heavily depressing series finale, we get an episode revolving around Spike and Angel gallivanting off to Italy to have wacky, Ho Yay-tastic adventures while trying to rescue Buffy from the mistake of dating an unseen, vampiric sexual predator with whom they have a never-before-mentioned complex history; this unapologetically farcical storyline is played against a bitter, tragic Los Angeles subplot in which Illyria assumes Fred's form in order to deceive her parents into believing that their daughter is alive and well; a state of affairs which nearly breaks Wesley and is difficult to watch even for the viewers. The episode feels fragmented and out of place at best, and at worst features an incredibly tactless and offensive juxtaposition of storylines. It doesn't help that the episode, which marks Buffy's last appearance in the franchise (at least in its televised format), seems to indicate she has become The Ditz, making the episode come across as a Take That! to Sarah Michelle Gellar for her refusal to appear in the show's 100th episode.
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  • Idiot Plot: It's been, what, weeks since Fred died? Nobody in the whole group thought to inform her parents? This is especially jarring when you rewatch "Just Rewards" and realize that they did as much for the family of the messenger guy that Magus Hainsley killed. Plus, she specifically told Wesley to do it in her final moments, which is completely unaddressed.
  • Recycled Set: Angel and Spike visit the Rome branch of Wolfram and Hart, and it's entirely identical to the Los Angeles branch.

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