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YMMV / And So We Fight

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  • Author Avatar: It might be Itami…Or maybe Lord Grantham…Or Ishaka? It's hard to figure.
  • Creator's Pet: The author made a conscious effort to avert this with Ishaka and the Ravagers.
  • Flat Character: It's pretty clear that the author doesn't have a high opinion of Wizzro, who barely does anything in the story other than the bare minimum to establish his evilness. And then he gets the shit kicked out of him, and then Killed Off for Real at the Temple of the Sacred Sword.
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  • Nausea Fuel: The description of Link's injuries in the aftermath of his battle at the Sealed Grounds (which leaves him near death) is…graphic, to say the least.
  • Up to Eleven: In the original game, Cia is pretty clearly a Stalker with a Crush when it comes to Link. In this story, this gets cranked up to pretty uncomfortably high levels. The highlight has to be her Double Entendre regarding Link's "new sword"…while licking the edge of the Master Sword.

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