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Recap / And So We Fight

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And So We Fight follows much of the campaign of Hyrule Warriors. ...well, kind of.

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The prologue begins with Impa leading Hyrulian soldiers on a patrol of the southern outskirts of Hyrule. The narrative brings up the reason for the patrol: recently, hordes of monsters began attacking from the Valley of the Seers, and an unknown enemy has regularly clashed against them just outside of Hyrule's reach. Worried about these so-called "Ravagers", as well as their potential for suddenly attacking Hyrule's exposed flank, Princess Zelda sends Impa and a detachment of soldiers to reconnoiter the Southern Vale, the area of the clashes.

After hours of marching, Impa's patrol comes across a makeshift village. There, they meet the Ravagers, and their leader, Ishaka. Ishaka challenges Impa to a game of wits, which Impa wins by both: A.) answering a riddle regarding life with "Nothing", and B.) drawing out her Biggoron Knife in comparison with Ishaka's own twin knives. Clearly impressed with the Sheikah, Ishaka decides to explain what's been going on. According to Ishaka, the sorceress in the Valley of the Seers sent her forces to the Southern Vale - now dubbed by the locals as "the Valley of the Damned" - to practice for war by slaughtering innocent people; the Ravagers are fighting to protect them.

Impressed by the Ravagers' mettle, Impa offers them and the remaining villagers to come to Hyrule Castle, as a first-hand account will mean much more to the court. Impa assures the doubtful Ishaka that "the only opinion that matters in the end is that of the princess. And I can promise you that she is not one to take your concerns lightly." Ishaka agrees…though not before they make a bet on the truthfulness of Impa's words on the princess.

After gathering the few dozen surviving villagers to come with them, the Hyrulian soldiers and the Ravagers protect them for the night before trekking back to Hyrule Castle. Upon arrival, Impa meets with Sir Gawain, a reformed criminal and now a knight of the Royal Guard, who reports that Princess Zelda has requested both Impa's and Ishaka's presence. He also reveals that Zelda has allowed the villagers to stay in a refugee camp within the Royal Courtyard (which surprises Impa).

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    Act I 
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    Act II 
When Sheik starts playing a familiar song, Impa puts two and two together that he is really Zelda because she taught her that song in the first place. Zelda admits to her closest friend that she hid herself as Sheik to protect her, but as of now, she acknowledges her decision wasn't really a bright one.

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    Act III 
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    Act IV 
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