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YMMV / AdVenture Capitalist

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  • Awesome Music: While the normal theme is simply an Ear Worm, the Moon and Mars themes are totally worth the 100 billion in-game dollars you spent to get to those planets.
  • Fridge Brilliance: All the boxes you click to buy are orange... now where have we seen the color orange being associated with GREED?
  • Fandom Rivalry: It's large presence in several Ninja Kiwi games (Bloons Tower Defense Battles) has not only developed detractors from BTDB fans, it had lead to a considerable number of Hate Fics, including depicting the main character as a Satan AdVerti$er.
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  • That One Level: The Moon is extremely unpopular compared to Earth and Mars, mostly because you pretty much hit a wall where you need to reach 2880 Oxygen Bars and nothing can realistically speed that up. Getting past that can take real-world months with only minuscule increases to your profits as you creep towards the magic number.

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